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AnyBoot Release

Posted on April 15, 2012 by Yossi in Android .

Boot Any PC operating system.
This app is a proof of concept
This app will enable you to run ubuntu, windiws xp, windows 95, windows 98, dos and any operating system using bochs emulator.

The app contains full automatic instructions to download and install bochs emulator and run the images.

Please Note:
1. requires at least 1 GHz processor
2. images size can be large so at least 1.5 GB free on sdcard is recommended.
2. downloading an image can take a while and running it also
3. just a proof of concept. not meant to run Office Photoshop etc...
4. if something does not work - don't give bad rates before you contacted our support: please contactsupport@yossoft.com
5. the app installs on sd card and runs on-top of android so it can not damage your phone. However, the developer (yossoft) is not responsible for any damage, data loss or cost.
6. Does NOT require root

7. now you can install ubuntu, install linux, install windows, debian ,win98 win 95 or windows xp with ease!

LWP Creator Passes 1,500 Happy Users!

Posted on April 10, 2012 by Yossi in Android / PC.

A few days ago we sold the 1,500 copy of the full version of live wallpaper creator. The Android market is now FULL of LWP that our users created.
We get so much great reviews and we're working hard to improve this product.
We're happy to hear that some of you are selling a lot of custom video live wallpapers and make good money out of it.
Gald we could help :)

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