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Smart Web Development

We harnest the power of the web to create the smartest cross platform applications. our web clients provide an easy accsses from anyware on the planet. Smart and easy to use web apps like 'Cloud-Market', 'Free-ocre.Net', 'Virtual Walk' and more have made us one of the leading web developers on the market. With YosSoft you get a truely Cross Platform app for your business.


Smart Device development

Smarphones are here to stay. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and other smarphones operating systems have changed our lives for good. a smart device app is a winning combination between great design and inteligent functionality. we develop using the newest technology available including Java, HTML5 and more.


Bring tech closer

We have years of experience in UI, UX and always stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology available. Our goal is to bring it to you fast and easy.

Selected Apps

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lwp creator - live wallpaper creator


Create amazing live wallaper
from video, gif file or images
for any Android device.
no programming skills needed.
Did you know live wallpapers
are the most downloaded apps.
Now you can sell and make money
without knowing  a single line of code!
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Widgets maker create widgets for android


Widgets are an amazing feature
on Android. Easily create clock
widgets, weather widgets,
or even animated widgets.
Great for graphic designer!
 You'll bring the talent we'll
bring the fast and slick UI.
 download now at widgetsmaker.com
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Icon Pack Generator

HOLO, Go Launcher, Apex, Nova, ADW,
LAuncherPro, Next....
They are all here.
with one simple master tool change
the icons of any android device.
easily change the look and feel
and create amazing colorful icons.
read more at IconPackGenerator.com
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Boot Animation Studio tool for android


Customize your device with amazing
animations. no need to be a
just choose a movie clip,
images or GIF and you're all set!
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