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Cats Gamepacks

Games For Cats For Android Tablets And Phones
Turn your Android phone or tablet into the ultimate entertainment device for your feline friends. With Cats Gamepack 3 in 1 you can give your cat the brain stimulation it needs.
The app features all of the games available in the three separate Cats Gamepack apps -- like moving mice, jumping soccer balls, and a laser light on a brick wall -- each with designs, colors, and movements to attract and hold a cat’s attention.
Yossoft's series of games for cats. This is game for cats not humans!
Cats are highly inteligent animals that need constant brain stimulation.
this is your cat's playground. you'll have fun watching your cat enjoying its new toy. our cats spend hours on the tablet...
works best on tablets or even on any android device.
** check out gamepack 1 and 3 for more games
** get them all at a special price. look for cats gamepack 3 in 1 pack
** you can test the reaction of your cat here: web game 1 or here:
web game 2
TIP1: when you're not home leave your cat with the free web games (press F11 for full screen)
TIP2: use free app 'brightness level' to use our app in the dark to ease your cats eyes.
there are 3 gamepacks with 3 games in each one.
gamepack1 - Game Pack 1
gamepack2 - Game Pack 2
gamepack3 - Game Pack 3
All games at a special price (9 games total and free live wallpaper)
cats gamepack 3 in 1: Game Pack 3in1 if you have something to say or improve send us feedback via e-mail at we'll respond in less than 24 hours User Submitted Videos:

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games for cats

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